Thursday, January 9, 2014

ain't that some shit

This be a rant.
My Second Life is kinda in a state of flux right now.
I had a serious stalker problem after I opened the maid cafe, so I have let it and my premium account go.  For at least one month until things settle.

Right now I am renting a very Kawaii apartment... I am not gonna say where. It's really cute and comfy.  It has two bathrooms but only one bedroom. It's super cute.

SO anyway on my rl facebook I post pics of my cute avi's all the time.  They are much cuter than the real me.  I think that is true of all of us.  Well some of you may be hot, but not the rl bag o' bones I carry about.
So this hell beast woman I had allowed into my real life sent me a message tonite saying she hopes I am not turning into a child avi.
It's none of her business if I am.  Some of the most nicest ppl in SL are child avi's and they have done a lot of our community.  So I was a bit offended by her judgmental tone.

I have all kinds of avi's.  Someone seems to hate on me no matter what kind of body I have.  It's annoying.  If my avi is slutty, someone makes shitty comments, and if my avi looks innocent someone has to hate on that too.
Some ppl be taking this shit wayyy too seriously.
I mean, I love me some Second Life... like can spend twelve hours straight in the thing and forget to drink water or eat.  But I don't confuse my avi as a replacement for my rl me.
I am a student of the Avatamsaka sutra.  This will take wayyy too fucking long to explain and it's for my other blog, but my avi's are only transformation bodies of light... they are me but they are changing just like the Dharma body does all the time.
Sometimes they are teeny, sometimes they is huge... sometimes a stripper, sometimes a grandma, sometimes a child.  Just like Bodhisattvas take many forms... I take many forms in SL.  It's my own kind of personal experiment.

My avatars do not shape my personality, my life or my mind, my mind shapes them.  Sometimes my mind has come up with some pretty sick shit.  But it's all a part of accepting all kinds of people, and loving all kinds of beings. This is how I use SL... you don't see me protesting the things other ppl do in sl... like some ppl pretending to boink cows... that is really bizarre but that is a part of their journey i guess.

I use it as a part of my spiritual journey.  Art religion or something.  But if people want to do something else, well god bless them.

I unfriended this woman in SL and RL, I don't know if she is just on the rag or what... but the judgement was totally uncalled for.  I have a huge fucking headache now.
I can't believe she yelled at me for a screenshot of a video game.
Some people are just no fun.
Maybe she just jealous cuz I look so damn kawaii in pigtails.... it's just damn unbearable.

Maybe she just needed to bully someone.  Maybe she was having a bad day.  I guess that has to be it. 

I think my next avi is going to be a round bouncy ball... who could hate a ball?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me by dabeisyin
Happy Birthday to Me, a photo by dabeisyin on Flickr.

Dec 17 2013
6 pm SLT

Thursday, October 31, 2013

helping the noobs

The past few days I have been helping a poor noob. I think it is good to help others, so many helped me. SO I have to pay back the universe somehow. But I felt like really sad because after giving her a lot of no copy items and giftcards to clothing stores, she didn't trust me enough to re-size a very simple dance floor i made that I had given to her. She initially gave me perms, but then as I was still editing the object, took the perms away.... LOL Did she think I was gonna steal back all the stuff I gave to her? Because she is one of those that doesn't believe in spending one linden... So I felt really bad, and I dunno. Not as much annoyed, burt I felt bad about myself and I was really depressed. But then I don't really know who she is, so I ran home when she went afk, but a couple hours later I guess she was bored so she stalked me at my shop. So I took her to some events I knew of the Bay City Halloween and then a Seth Regan event. SO I was at a Seth Regan concert looking at my inventory for gross zombie skins, of which i don't really have any because cute is my style and gross isn't, when some griefer pushed me into the stage... so the day just kinda ended so grand. Humiliated twice in one day. LOL grr ok

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Moved the Maid Cafe to bigger Land

Hi, all
Well I moved the maid cafe. I am so tired LOL.
It is in Congrua now.
Maid Cafe SLURL
Here are a few photos: